What is included

SEO is an ongoing project, that is why we recommend a subscription plan. We will write 3 texts/blogs for your website every month with new fitting keywords. The aim is to develop a SEO formula just for you. It would be your own winning SEO method.

We will take care of every aspect of your optimization, including the SEO of your website, social media, and even your Google MyBusiness listing. Learn more at the bottom of the page. 

We will continuously use the data from each text to improve the next text. SEO results doesn’t appear overnight, that is why it is recommended to have a subscription of at least one year to see the bigger picture. 

The goal is to have a high conversion rate and get many new customers. 


What is included

We will write 1 text/blog for your website with at least 1 focus keyword and 1 secondary keyword. Instead of finding out a specific SEO formula for your website, which takes more than 1 text, we will use previous successful SEO formula we developed for other sites.

What worked for others may not work for you, however, the chances of higher ranking and more traffic is likely. For concrete results, we suggest at least buy 4 times. The on-page SEO in included.

In addition, we will analyze your Google Analytics to see if there is a trend or pattern to help your SEO development. It will be a part of our SEO report, along with other suggestions. 

You can purchase SEO Audit, Technical SEO, and Social Media SEO as add ons.


what is included

The main objective of a project is to get customers from search engines’ organic results. Find and strategically use keywords related to your products and services. Additionally, to drive more traffic, conversions, and revenue to your website.

We will set up a SMART timeline and goals for the project. During the course of the project, we aim to develop a successful SEO formula for you to use later on. It will be unique to your website, and helps you find valuable keywords fast.

A project usually lasts for 6 months, depending on the situation. However, the successfulness of the project may show up 1-2 years later. Any type of brand or business can benefit from a well done SEO project, no matter the industry or location.

On-page SEo

The focus of on site SEO is content. To improve on site SEO, you need fresh and updated content on your website. However, we know you have other tasks to take care of. We offer to write blog posts (around 450 words each)​ for your website, so you can increase in rank and get more traffic.

We spend majority of the time finding good keywords. We will use the aggregated data from different tools to search for keywords that can rank high and get traffic. Sometimes, a high ranking keyword may not get traffic because no one is looking for it.

Finding good keywords is half of the work. The other half is knowing how to utilize them. Simply inserting them randomly in the text isn’t enough. We will strategically use the keywords in the text to maximize their effect. We are long away from “keyword stuffing”.

Many, if not all, SEO experts will tell you to focus on long tail keywords. In a nutshell, long tail keywords are keywords with lower but consistent search volume. Unlike trending keywords, long tail keywords will generate traffic in the long term. 

This is an aspect of on site SEO many tend to forget or ignore. Tags help search engines to understand your content quickly. They also let readers to find other related content on your website. They are a good and easy way to increase your on site SEO score. 

Are the images on your website slowing down the loading speed? Can search engines “see” the images? Are they in appropriate sizes? What’s their resolution? What kind of images sell? We deal with such questions to improve your content quality and ranking on search engines.

Technical SEo

Meta data is one of the most important aspect of SEO. Metadata is data that describes the data. Metadata summarizes basic information about the other data, which enables search engines finding and working with the data easier. As a result, without meta data, your website may rank lower.

Google has provided simple powerful tools for us to understand how it sees your content, what is affecting organic traffic, and how to improve your content for better rankings. Google Webmaster tools use different metrics to give us other important data.

Technical optimization refers to the technical measures taken within and outside the website to improve ranking. This includes, improving response time, clean code, stable connection to the server, and other factors that may affect the website’s quality.

Google will rank your website based on how clear it understands your website and its contents. You can provide clarity by providing explicit information about the pages and content by including structured data/schema on the page. Data including, author, title, date, and such.

A sitemap contains information about everything on your website. Such as, where are files and pages located, and the relationships between them. Search engines  use sitemaps to crawl and index your website, so it shows up in search results. 

One of the factors to determine the quality of your website is to check whether you update your website. One of the ways to do that is to see if you have broken links on your website. Broken links refer to websites and information that you linked to are no longer valid.

oFF-site SEo

Search engines not only look at your website when ranking, but also your social media. It compares the information on your website with your social media to determine its validity. That’s why we optimize and update your social media when you don’t have the time.

Link building is the process of getting links from other trusted websites to your own. Search engines use links to discover new websites and to help determine how well a website should rank in the results. More trusted websites linking to you is an indicator to search engines that your website can be trusted too.

We collect massive amount of data and analyse them to become one step ahead. We will find out upcoming keywords, declining keywords, and potential long tail keywords etc. If we can figure out a pattern, then we can rank higher and get more traffic.

Establishing an edge over the competitors is what everyone wants. Simply knowing what they offer is not enough. It is extremely vital to regularly conduct a detailed competitive analysis in order to stay one step ahead. Also to see what keywords and strategies they use to get organic traffic.

Many business don’t actually know who’s buying their products. They may have a target audience in mind, but it can be far off from reality. We can find out who is actually buying your products and how to cater to them better. We can also help you adjust to sell to your target audience.

Another factor that can affect your website’s ranking is other review sites. Many people use review sites to decide whether or not they buy from you. It is vital to keep track of reviews and reply to reviews with lower rating. If people deem your website as not trustworthy, then you get less traffic and your ranking decreases.